MARCH 16th, 2017
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Defining STEM Curriculum in Education
Event Registration is March 10th, 2017 at noon.  
Each student attending Tech Wars 2017, must submit a copy of the GCC Entry Form (Link To Form Is Below).  This document must be submitted on the day of the event.
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Our goal in hosting this event is to allow students to take what they learn in the Technology classrooms and compete in a hands-on educational yet fun program. Specific events are listed on the rules page. Hopefully the interest in this competition will help to boost enrollments of technology classes because what is learned there can be transferred to the world of home and work almost on a daily basis. Ultimately the imagination of some students may go beyond the classroom where they develop such a deep interest in Technology that they make a career of it. Someday those students may come back as a teacher or mentor of the technology students of the future.